all releases featuring Benjamin Herman

1985 AD Big Band, Dissolving the AD Big Band (Vinyl e.p.)
1989 Ellen Helmus, Out of the Blue
1989 Mike Del Ferro, Landelijk Piano Concours Lichte Muziek (Live Registration)
1990 Candy Dulfer, Saxuality
1990 René Froger, Greatest Show on Legs (Flopped Single)
1991 Van Wingerden, Skimble Skamble
1991 D-Code, D-Code
1992 Henk Westbroek, Voorjaar
1992 Maarten van der Grinten/ Benjamin Herman Kwartet, Between a Dog And A Lamppost
1992 Michiel Borstlap Sextet, Day Off
1993 T-Bone, Rare
1993 De Gigantjes, Jive Live
1993 Theo Hoogstins, Ear Opener
1993 Piet Kuiters Quartet featuring Benjamin Herman, Roll ‘m High
1994 S.O. Jazz, S.O. Jazz
1994 Saskia Laroo, It’s Like Jazz
1994 New Cool Collective, Extended Play (Vinyl Only)
1994 Five Up High, Five Up High
1994 Van Der Grinten/Herman Quartet, Psychodixie For C-Melody saxophone
1995 New Cool Collective, Extended Play Volume 2 (Vinyl Only)
1995 Candy Dulfer, Big Girl
1995 Herbert Noord’s Advanced Warning, Cut The Crap
1995 Lafitte, Picture of You
1995 Lucas Van Merwijk and his Cubop City Big Band, Plays the Music of Machito
1995 Michiel Borstlap Sextet, The sextet Live
1996 Van der Grinten/ Herman Quartet, Lost Languages
1996 New Cool Collective, Soul Jazz, Latin Flavours, Nineties Vibe.
1996 Iwan Van Hetten,Time
1997 Benjamin Herman, Café Alto
1997 New Cool Collective, More…..
1997 Fra Fra Big Band, Masoti Makandra
1997 French Kiss, Funky Cha Cha
1998 New Concert Big Band, Festival Live in Amsterdam
1998 The Beets Brothers Orchestra, ??????
1998 Lucas Van Merwijk and his Cubop City Big Band, Live In The Hague
1998 Martijn Van Iterson, It’s Happening
1998 Sefuba, Songs and Jives
1998 Total Touch, This Way
1998 Dave Rothchild, Lookin’ Up
1998 Saskia Laroo, Body Music
1999 New Cool Collective, Big
1999 Zijlstra, Olie en Rook
1999 Benjamin Herman, Get In
1999 Lucas Van Merwijk and his Cubop City Big Band, Moré and More
1999 Francien Van Tuinen, Despina’s Eye
1999 Leslie Lopéz, Bomba Moderna
1999 Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Festival Volume 2
2000 Benjamin Herman, Plays Misha Mengelberg
2000 Zuco 103, Outro Lado
2000 Loet Van Der Lee, The Adderley Project
2001 Perquisite feat. Benjamin Herman, Outta Nowhere E.P. (Vinyl Only)
2002 Benjamin Herman, Plays Jaki Byard
2002 New Cool Collective, Bring It On
2002 Floris, Floris
2002 Lucas Van Merwijk and his Cubop City Big Band, Arsenio
2002 Zuco 103, Tales of High Fever
2003 DJ Roog,Hard Soul (12″ Vinyl Only)
2003 Joost Lijbaart, Group of Friends,
2003 Ugly Beauty, The Music of Thelonous Monk
2004 Benjamin Herman, Heterogeneity
2004 Benjamin Herman, Café Alto (re-release + bonus tracks)
2004 New Cool Collective, Best Of 9499 (compilation)
2004 Huub Van Der Lubbe, Concordia
2004 Paul Weller, Studio 150
2004 Tobias Sudhoff, Polarlichter feat. Gerd Dudek and Charlie Mariano
2004 Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Sunday Nights in Amsterdam
2004 Benjamin Herman, Skunkaholic (7″ Vinyl Only)
2004 New Cool Collective, Perry ( on Freestyle, 12″ Vinyl Only)
2005 Pete Philly & Perquisite, Mindstate
2005 Benny Sings, I Love You
2005 DJ Roog, Hardsoul Ft. NCC, Bounson (12” Vinyl Only)
2005 New Cool Collective, Trippin’ 2cd featuring Tony Allen
2005 Benjamin Herman, The Itch ft. Han Bennink
2005 Benjamin Herman, Durban Poison (12” Vinyl Only)
2005 Paul Weller, As Is Now
2006 Easy Aloha’s, Cashmere Cat
2006 New Cool Collective, One More Time, The Trip (Freestyle, 12″ Vinyl Only)
2006 Benjamin Herman, The London Session ft. Stan Tracey, Bart van Lier
2006 C-mon & Kypski, Where the Wild Things Are
2006 Wouter Hamel, Hamel
2007 Van der Grinten/Herman Quartet, A Curse and a Sigh
2007 Hans Teeuwen Zingt
2007 New Generation Big Band, Had Je Wat?
2007 New Cool Collective Big Band, Live
2007 Benjamin Herman, Campert
2008 New Cool Collective, Out Of Office
2008 C-Mon & Kypski, We Are Square
2008 Deborah Brown & The Eric Ineke JazzXpress, For The Love Of Ivy
2008 Benjamin Herman, Hypochristmastreefuzz
2009 Jules Deelder & New Cool Collective, DVD
2009 Wouter Hamel, Nobody’s Tune
2009 Typhoon & New Cool Collective, Chocolade
2009 Fakkelbrigade, Colucci Era
2009 Benjamin Herman, Blue Sky Blond
2009 New Cool Collective, Sugar Protocol
2009 Benjamin Herman & Jules Deelder, Deelder 65 (ltd edition 10” +cd)
2010 Hans Teeuwen & the Pain Killers, How It Aches
2010 New Cool Collective Big Band, Pachinko
2010 Sven Hammond Soul, The Marmalade Sessions
2010 Rein de Graaff Trio, Ornithology
2010 Roos Jonker, Mmmmm
2010 Adani & Wolf, Electric Dandy
2010 Wouter Hamel, One More Time On The Merry Go Round
2010 Floris, Floris
2010 Rein de Graaff, Ornithology
2010 Benjamin Herman, Hypochristmastreefuzz (2cd special Edition)
2011 New Cool Collective, Eighteen
2012 Benjamin Herman, Deal
2013 Benjamin Herman, Café Solo
2013 New Cool Collective, Chin Chin
2014 The Kik, 2
2014 Benjamin Herman, Live
2014 Typhoon, Lobi Da Basi
2014 Benjamin Herman, Trouble (featuring Daniel von Piekartz)
2014 New Cool Collective Big Band & Guus Meeuwis, Hollandse Meesters
2014 New Cool Collective, Electric Monkey Sessions
2015 New Cool Collective & Mark Reilly, The Things You Love
2015 Benjamin Herman & The Robin Nolan Trio, Swing de Paris
2015 Hans Teeuwen, Popstukken
2017 New Cool Collective Big Band featuring Thierno Koité
2017 New Cool Collective, Electric Monkey Sessions 2
2017 The Quartet Live with Han Bennink, Ernst Glerum & Peter Beets
2018 Michelle David, The Gospel Sessions vol 2
2018 Benjamin Herman, Project S
2018 Benjamin Herman, Bughouse with Reinier Baas, Peter Peskens, Olav and den Berg
2020 Willem ‘t Hart – LIFE
2020 Kypski, Solidary Confinement
2020 Delic, Rise Up
2021 Benjamin Herman & The Robin Nolan Trio, Swing de Paris – Vol. 2
2021 New Cool Collective, YUNIKōN
2021 Engels/Teepe/Herman, When Will The Blues Leave
2022 Dutch Jazz Collective, Generations
2022 Benjamin Herman featuring Anna Serierse, True Love’s Flame
2023 Tangarine, Still Kids
2023 Teus Nobel, Blues for Paul
2023 Benjamin Herman, One For Johnny
2023 New Cool Collective & Alma Quartet, Opus 127 
2023 Benjamin Herman, Nostalgia Blitz
2024 Benjamin Herman’s Bughouse: Unreleased Tracks 2017-2018
2024 New Cool Collective Big Band, 30 Years Live
2024 Benjamin Herman’s Bughouse: 
The ERUS/ARC Sessions