3-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Izzy Jazzclub, Brugge (BE)
4-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, So What’s Next, Eindhoven
10-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Tegenstroom, Zutphen
11-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Djs, Dordrecht
12-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Jazz At The Waves, Den Hoorn
22-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Bird, Rotterdam
23-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Paard, Den Haag
24-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Mezz, Breda
25-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Goudse Kamermuziek Concerten, Gouda
30-11 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Duycker, Hoofddorp
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6-12 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Brouwerij Martinus, Groningen
9-12 New Cool Collective Big Band, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
12-12 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Jamboree, Madrid (ES)
14-12 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, TBA, Valencia (ES)
15-12 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Teatre Del Casal, Cambrils (ES)
16-12 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Sala El Torin, Olot (ES)
17-12 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Jazz Cava, Vic (ES)
22-12 New Cool Collective Big Band, Gebouw T, Bergen Op Zoom
23-12 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Jazz Flavours, Scheveningen
28-12 New Cool Collective Big Band, Spot, Groningen
29-12 New Cool Collective Big Band, Lantaren-Venster, Rotterdam
26-12 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch
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6-01 New Cool Collective Big Band, Doornroosje, Nijmegem
10-01 New Cool Collective Big Band, Paradiso, Amsterdam
11-01 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Kunst Aan De Dijk, Kortenhoef
12-01 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
14-01 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
17-01 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Paradox, Tilburg
21-01 Nostalgia Blitz Trio, Winternachten, Den Haag
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For the past 30 years saxophonist and musical omnivore Benjamin Herman has been one of Holland’s most productive musicians of his generation. After taking part in the 1991 Thelonious Monk Competition and studying with Dick Oatts in New York Benjamin, to date, has released over 50 albums as a solo artist and as front man of his groove orientated ensemble New Cool Collective.

His solo work varies from postmodern interpretations of classic Dutch avant-garde with drum icon Han Bennink and enfant terrible Misha Mengelberg to collaborations with Dutch poets, pop singers and hip hop artists. Aside from left field punk jazz projects like Bughouse and The Itch his recordings have ventured into lush seventies Creed Taylor inspired productions (Deal, Project S) and pleasantly understated renditions of classic evergreens (Trouble, Café Solo).

One of Holland’s most visible jazz musicians, Benjamin Herman also writes columns and has had a radioshow for the past 12 years on national radio. He has been presented with many musical awards and is secretly most proud of being voted best Dressed Dutchman by Esquire Magazine…twice. At 54 his contribution to the Dutch musical landscape cannot be underestimated.

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