Blue Sky Blond is the tenth solo album of alt saxophone player Benjamin Herman. Herman, who received the prestigious Edison Award and became third in the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Jazz Award in 2008 with the unique ‘Campert’ album. With the release of Campert and the release of his former solo record Hypochristmasthreefuzz Benjamin Herman proves to be able to reinvent himself over and over again, which is also the case on Blue Sky Blond. Quality & originality are the key words of the music on Bleu Sky Blond.

The new kinda jazz feel he produces with Bleu Sky Blond is at least ambitious and gives the feeling you are listening to a raw 70’s funk record combined with spacey jazz.

For this record Benjamin Herman worked together with some of the best national and international musicans like: Perquisite (from Pete Philly), David Rockefeller (Candy Dulfer, NCC), C-Mon&Kypski, Paul Weller, Jesse van Ruller and Damon Michella.